Check-in and check-out
Check-in starts at 16:00. Check-out ends at 12:00.
If the holiday home has not been vacated by 12:00, the renter is obligated to pay for an additional day of accommodation.

The entrance to the holiday home is on the side of the moorings. The keys are handed over by the owner. At night or while away from the house, the renter must lock the whole house (front door, terrace door, balcony door and windows). During the stay, the renter is responsible for the preservation of the holiday home’s property (fire, theft).

Damage deposit

A damage deposit starting at 300 euros must be paid upon arrival. The deposit is returned in full after check-out within one week if no damage has been caused to the property.

Terms of stay
The holiday home accommodates up to 14 people. No more people can be welcomed to stay overnight.

The holiday home must be handed over during check-out in the same condition as it was during check-in.
If furniture (chairs, tables etc.) had to be moved, they must be placed in the same location by check-out as they were during check-in. All used dishes must be washed and placed in the same location as they were upon arrival to the holiday home. Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas with ashtrays provided. The holiday home is not equipped to welcome pets.

While organising events outside in the daytime, the guests must not disturb the neighbours. Between 23:00 and 06:00 do not cause loud noise outside or listen to loud music.

Waste sorting
We separate packages, biowaste, glass and containers with deposit.

Smoking inside the holiday home is strictly forbidden. Smoking areas are outside, ashtrays are provided in the designated areas.

Fire safety
Fireworks, candles and paper lanterns must not be used in the holiday home or on its premises. When using the coal grill in the garden, take into account the direction of the wind and keep a safe distance from the building.

Electrical equipment
Electric radiators or other equipment with high energy consumption must not be used in the holiday home or on its premises. Their use is only allowed under special circumstances and upon prior agreement.

Material liability
The guest is held responsible for damage to the holiday home property. If property is broken, its value must be reimbursed. If there are stains on the furniture (nail polish, red wine etc) which cannot be removed by regular cleaning, a special cleaning service is ordered and the cost must be compensated. If the stains cannot be removed, the cost of ruined inventory must be reimbursed.


The holiday home is not equipped to welcome pets.  

Preparing and decorating the property for a wedding and organising fireworks must be coordinated with the owner.

The holiday home territory is under video surveillance.